Retrospect SoSDiD 2005

June, 9th


                                                      H. HanselkaJ.                   D. Wörner                   K. Feitzelmeyer                   V. Grubisic


Max Gündel receives the HBM AWARD

Max Gündel, has received the HBM Award grant from Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik for his diploma thesis entitled "Untersuchung der Lebensdauer von Lochleisten basierend auf dem örtlichen Konzept und der linear elastischen Schwingbruchmechanik" (Durability Analysis of Perforate Plates based on Local Strain Approach and Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics). The HBM Award is granted for outstanding work on the field of structural durability. In his diploma thesis Mr. Gündel has calculated the fatigue resistance of perforate plates using a comprehensive concept starting with crack initiation (local strain approach), followed by crack growth (linear elastic fracture mechanics) and ending with a critical crack length (Failure Assessment Diagram FAD).

M. Gündel and
K.-H. Haase

Martin Krüppers Receives the INSTRON AWARD

The organizers of the first "Symposium on Structural Durability in Darmstadt" can consider it to be a sucessful event. It is possible to buy the proceedings with a CD from the Fraunhofer LBF. Martin Krüppers, a researcher from the competence center "Component-Related Material Behavior" of the Fraunhofer LBF was able to receive the INSTRON AWARD in the course of the opening event. Dr. Bardenheier from Instron presented Martin Krüppers the certificate and a check for his work on "A Method to Evaluate Multiaxial Stress Conditions with Aluminium Welded Joints Based on the Critical Section Plane". Congratulations!

R. Bardenheier and
M. Küppers

Kurt Klöppel Lectures

U. Peil
W. Fricke
E. Haibach and B. Atzori
M. Vormwald
G. Marquis

Ernst Gaßner Lectures

M. Bacher-Höchst
E. Macha
J. J. Thomas
C. M. Sonsino
P. Heuler
K. Nikkel
R. A. Smith

June, 10th

August Thum Lectures

H. Zenner
M. Sakane
A. Scholz
K. L. Kotte
B. Kaiser
J. C. Newman, Jr.

New Horizons on Structural Durability

C. Boller
D. Socie
T. Melz
C. Berger
J. Dominguez

Closing Remarks

M. Vormwald